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You may register for ONLY the events listed below. Subsequent months' events will be open for registration later one month at a time.

01/16/22 Hike - Patriots Path Part 3, NJ Mod/Mod
01/17/22 Hike - Pyramid Mt, NJ Mod/Mod
01/22/22 Hike - Buttermilk Falls, NY Easy-Mod/ Leisurely
Mod Leisurely
01/23/22 Hike - Dismal Harmony Natural Area, NJ Mod/Mod
01/26/22 Hike - Ramapo Mt St Forest, NJ Mod/Mod
01/29/22 Hike - Old Croton Aqueduct, NY Easy-Mod/ Leisurely
01/30/22 Hike - Blue Mt Lakes, NJ Mod/Mod
02/05/22 Hike - Sterling Forest, NY Mod/Leisurely
02/06/22 Hike - Swartswood St Pk, NJ Easy-Mod/ Leisurely
02/09/22 Hike - Harriman St Pk, NY Mod/Mod
02/12/22 Hike - Teatown Lake Rsrvtn, NY Mod/Mod
02/13/22 Hike - Horseshoe Lake, NJ Easy/Leisurely
02/15/22 Hike - Norvin Green, NJ Mod/Mod
02/19/22 Hike - Norvin Green, NJ Mod/Mod
02/20/22 Hike - Huckleberry Ridge St Forest, NY Mod/Mod
02/21/22 Hike - Ramapo Valley Cnty Rsrvtn, NJ Mod/Mod
02/26/22 Hike - Ringwood St Pk, NJ Mod/Leisurely
02/27/22 Hike - JOhnsonburg Preserve, NJ Easy/Mod




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