Day Hikes

Day Hikes

Day Hikes are up to nine miles long, and the pace is usually moderate, but we have included leisurely hikes as well. See our Adventure Schedule for notes about the difficulty and pace of each hike.

Hiking is synonymous with rough, rocky and hilly, but this should not be considered onerous, as hiking up steep hills has many rewards. Anyone new to hiking should first try out easy hikes before graduating to moderate or strenuous ones.

Hike Rating Guidelines

The rating used in our Adventure Schedule will give you the difficulty and pace for the event. The chart below shows the guidelines we use, which is relative to your individual fitness level. For example, a minimum guideline for events rated “easy” is if you are able to walk for several hours at a pace of 2 miles an hour.

Our hike leaders may alter the hikes to adjust for variable conditions such as wet weather, temperature extremes and wind which can make a big difference in hiking difficulty.

Criteria Easy Moderate Strenuous
Mileage/Length Under 4 miles 4 - 6 miles Over 6 miles
Time Under 4 hours 4 - 5 hours Over 6 hours
Hills Hills are rare or relatively short and gradual. Many shorter hills, perhaps one real “huffer-puffer.” 50% or more is major ascents and descents.
Terrain Mostly flat with minor hills and fairly easy footing. Roots and rocks warrant careful steps in many places Need hands to climb in places. All roots and rocks.
Pace (controlled by guide or group) Leisurely. Many stops or long lunch. Consistent walk. Few stops. Brisk or consistent pace up hills. Few stops.

Day Hikes are included with membership.  If you would like to "try before you join," please contact the office and sign up for a test hike!

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