Our Mission Statement

Adventures For Women is dedicated to teaching women that being outdoors is not only fun, it is a great place to learn new skills, develop confidence and gain new insights. We teach women to be comfortable in the woods, to protect the environment, and to push themselves to new levels. Along the way, our members make friends and find others to support and encourage them as they flourish. We are women who love having fun outdoors.

About Our Volunteer Guides...

Betty A member of Adventures for Women since 1988, Betty loves to hike and be in the woods not only for exercise but for stress relief as well.  As a student, wife, mom of two young children, Director Emeritus of AFW and a sales job, stress relief is always needed.

Christine enjoys a variety of outdoor activities in every season. Her favorite is to capture nature with her camera. She has been with AFW since 2009.

Dagi enjoys hikes that include hills, rock scrambles and views. Winter hikes have become particularly appealing because of added challenges, even more good views and no bugs. Dagi has also begun to do some backpacking. Focusing on living in balance with nature is very relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Dara has guided hikes for AFW since 1999. "It's much more fun to hike with a group," says Dara, who hikes on the weekends to make up for her day job behind a computer. Dara plans her vacations around hikes and would love to tell you about hiking in New Zealand and Peru.

Dolores loves the solace of the woods and views from the peaks. An active member of AFW since 1990, she enjoys hiking locally as well as in the Adirondacks and national parks.

Georgette is an avid hiker and trail maintainer. She has been hiking and playing in the woods since she was 8 years old when she brought home all the snakes, turtles and frogs she could find. She knows all the trails in Harriman like the back of her hand.

Jackie went on her first hike with AFW in 2002 and was immediately hooked. She has also become an avid backpacker and tries to get out as much as possible. Her goal is to finish the AT before her knees give out.

Judy began hiking over 40 years ago, but, as is true for many, took a long hiatus to raise a family. She has been leading hikes with AFW since 2005 and especially enjoys the long challenging hikes. She has hiked in Austria, Canada, Acadia National Park, Tennessee, Grand Canyon, Adirondacks, Virginia, Baxter and Pennsylvania, in addition to the local AFW hiking grounds.

Linda has always loved the outdoors, even as a child negotiating to cut the lawn in order to get out of cleaning the house. Linda has been with AFW since 2004. Her instant love of the organization prompted her to accept the position of Treasurer in 2006. She enjoys all outdoor sports, martial arts and meeting new people.

Mary has been active in AFW since 1998. In 2000 she initiated AFW bike rides, and has since been leading bikes rides and hikes. She team-teaches Woodswoman, Backpacking and Shooting Workshops, and leads the Biking Basics workshop when there is demand. Mary enjoys the outdoors anyway she can get into it by walking, hiking, biking, paddling or gazing. Mary is often found helping out as an “extra guide” on hikes and weekend adventures.

Nancy loves the outdoors. Two of her favorite activities are hiking and biking. Whether it be rolling along the countryside or enjoying the wonder of the woods, she loves the challenge and adventure. These jaunts and journeys offer her invigorating exercise and a renewed spirit. Always an outdoor enthusiast, she joined AFW in 1996. She has come away with new insights, positive experiences and many new friends.

Priscilla is a retired teacher and has been guiding our weekday hikes for the past few years. Last year she started a series of Beginner Hikes hoping to attract those women who, although they walk in their neighborhoods, are not comfortable going out into the woods. Priscilla has been a member of AFW since the early ’90 and is currently the President of the Board of Trustees.